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About the Glad Helpers Healing Prayer Group

The Glad Helpers is a prayer group that originated during Edgar Cayce's lifetime, with members meeting since 1931.  The purpose of the group is to help individuals, physically and mentally, by attempting, through meditation and prayer, to awaken the divine within each.  The group is open to those who are seeking to help others. 

Click on this link to complete the Glad Helpers Prayer Request Form for yourself or someone else 

Prayer Requests:

Before filling out your prayer request, please take a moment to review the three types of prayer offered:

Healing Prayer 
If you are asking for prayer for yourself or someone else (with their approval and participation), your name(s) will be added to our Prayer List for the upcoming month. It is best when the request for prayer is also the wish of the individual being prayed for so that they can partner with the Glad Helper's in the healing process.  If the individual has an on-going condition, you can request that they be on the list for a longer period of time.

Surround Prayer 
This if for the person who has not asked for prayer, but where there is concern on your part. 

Prayer for the Deceased 
The group also prays for those who have passed on. These names are often submitted by a relative or friend but may be requested by anyone. Each month’s prayer list offers a specific affirmation given by Edgar Cayce to the Prayer Group to help souls find light on the path. We also pray to comfort and assist the family members with their loss of their loved one.

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