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Get Involved!

The activities and events that occur in the Northwest are the result of volunteer time put in by people like you!  There are many little ways to contribute to making things happen that take minimal amounts of time and effort, while giving you the opportunity to meet and work with the other like-minded individuals in the Greater Northwest Events Network and with the members of the local Area Teams.  To learn how you can contribute, please contact Levan Burgin at

"I have been an A.R.E. member since my daughter was 3 years old, but for many years I was so busy with her that it was all that I could do to read my Venture Inward magazine and attend an occasional event.  When she went to college I had some time become available to volunteer but was not sure how I could help. When they asked for help at one of the events I was attending I gave them my name. They asked if I would help supply refreshments at an upcoming event with a group of other ladies and it was fun and easy.  I have become more and more involved with A.R.E. members ever since and have met some wonderful, like-minded people!"


"I grew up with the Edgar Cayce Readings and I cannot imagine what my life would look like had I not had them to learn from.  I have always been a spititual seeker and the Readings provided me the answers to all my questions as well as a practical approach to spirituality in my daily life.  I am happy to give back my service to the ARE  in any way I can, hoping that these Readings will continue to make the world a better place. The like-minded friends I have made through ARE events over the years have become my Cayce family and every time we are together it is like a family reunion!  Thanks to you all for all you do! "                                                                                    


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