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Northwest Events Calendar

There are many activities and events happening year round in the Northwest.  Please go to our Day Events page to see our current full day seminars offered on subjects from the Edgar Cayce readings. In some regions there are DVD nights where people gather regularly to see recordings of past seminars offered on a wide variety of topics.  

If you are interested in an Edgar Cayce intensive experience, please look into our Seabeck Spring and Summer Retreats.

To learn more about these retreats, offered in the beautiful setting of the Seabeck Conference Center on the Olympic Penninsula, please visit

If you are interested in service to others, please go to our Glad Helpers page to learn more about this amazing group's effort to offer distance healing on a daily basis through prayer. You can participate as one of the Glad Helpers prayer group, or nominate a person to be added to the prayer list who may be in need of this service. The Northwest Glad Helpers also periodically offers full day workshops on a variety of healing topics.

To jump start and/or support your spiritual growth on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, there is nothing like participating in an Edgar Cayce Spiritiual Growth/Study Group.  To learn more about the locations and times of groups in  your area, or to learn how to start a group, please go to our Spiritual Growth webpage.

To "be a channel of blessings to others" as stated by Edgar Cayce, and volunteer at an event in the Northwest, please go to our Get Involved! webpage.  To become a member of Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. please click here.

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