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November 2, 2019  Richland, WA & November 3, 2019 Seattle, WA

November 2, 2019  Richland, WA

Soul Lessons, Soul Patterns
with Peter Woodbury
Awakening to Past Lives, Future Lives, and Life between Lives

This stand-alone program builds on Peter's previous program, "Many Lives, One Source." Peter Woodbury will guide you on a true journey of the soul. You’ll leave with a greater understanding of your soul purpose and the limitless potential of your incarnation in this lifetime!


Take a true journey of the soul!  

During this fascinating day of self-exploration and personal enlightenment you will gain firsthand experience in accessing the deeper recesses of your mind and consciousness. The very realm in which you can commune with your soul mind—reaching into all you have been and ever will be—exists within you and can be accessed for greater soul growth and awareness. 

Through regressions, progressions, and self-guided imageries during this Edgar Cayce-focused workshop, you will experience and learn:






You will also experience a special group hypnotic regression with emphasis on reaching the life-between-lives state and contact with your personal guides. You will understand the process of hypnosis, regression, and progression and how it can be used for healing and self-awareness—even if you don’t believe in reincarnation or future lives! 

With practical insight, deep knowledge, and humor, Peter will help you explore the possibility of future life contact as Cayce himself did in his dreams. You’ll learn about the Cayce information on the nature of the soul and the various levels of consciousness beyond the third dimension and even travel to the Akashic “Hall of Records” and glimpse the record of your own soul’s journey!


Tap into past, present, and future lives that are having a major impact upon your soul development!

Don’t miss this insightful, life-changing event—exploring your own unique soul self and learning how you can apply spiritual principles in the earth, raising your consciousness in the process.

Comments from Peter's other programs: 

"Peter is such a good, relaxed speaker. He truly makes you feel comfortable in every way. He doesn't make any question seem ridiculous. He comes across as very non-judgmental. Just all in all, he is a very good teacher, soul, spirit, and person. Thank you, Peter, for being who you are."     B.W., Roanoke, VA

"I enjoyed Peter's kindness and his genuine desire to share the information he has. He has a professional and warm presentation. Wonderful sense of humor!"     J.M., Brooklyn, NY


Peter Woodbury 1.jpg

*The purpose and meaning of life from our creation as souls to our involution into Earth

*How our souls progress through the laws of karma and grace

*The role of soul groups, soul mates, and twin souls in our spiritual evolution

*How we work through our soul path for our next lifetime—known as “Pre-life Planning”

*Understand the evaluation process known as the “Afterlife Review”

*Learn about Cayce’s unique perspective on “Interplanetary Sojourns” that occur as our life in-between lives

*The role our angels, guardians, and council play in our development, and how to access them AND understand your unique place in the “grand scheme”!

Additional Info and Schedule

Date:  November 2, 2019
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Divine Fellowship Church
513 Barth Ave.
Richland, WA 99352

Conference Registrar:



Additional Info:

     Field Conference FAQ Flyer

     Soul Lessons, Soul Patterns Flyer

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